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Jumper Jon - Prototype

Explore the Hell and reach the lovely Jane! You just have 30 seconds! · By Ogre Pixel


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Jumper Jon Game in development
Hello! Hope you all are well. We have an announcement to make: Starting from today Monday we will finally be working on the Jumper Jon Game =) So far what you a...
Art style and different color palette mockups
Hey! for those who are asking what is going on with Jumper Jon: We have been working on different art style options with different color palettes, here are few...
Story Mode Demo now available!
Hey! It's been a long time since our last devlog entry, however all this time we have been working really hard on Jumper Jon! Today we are happy to share that S...
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Jumper Jon look changed!
Hey! Here it is a new devlog entry for Jumper Jon ! This time is about a change we made on the overall look of the game: We changed color palette and tileset fo...
1 file
New elements added (switches, boxes, platforms)
Hey! Jumper Jon has been updated with new elements! Now you can add switches, boxes and moving platforms! Now all the elements you can add are: j - Jon (main ch...
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New elements added (doors, keys, levers)
Hey! Jumper Jon has been updated with new elements! Now you can add doors, keys, levers and spike enemies So now all the elements you can add are: j - Jon (main...
Android version of Game/Level Editor added!
Play now Jumper Jon on your Android device! =D How to play: Move: Drag and move to left or right Jump: Tap *Includes level editor! Remember to share your levels...
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Jumper Jon - platformer and level editor from hell is here!
Jumper Jon - Platformer and level editor from hell is here! This is the first version of the Game / Editor, as you can see there is a super basic level editor w...
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Share your levels and beat time, just copy and paste the level you created =)
started by Ogre Pixel Jan 15, 2018
14 replies
So far this is what we are already working on, you can suggest new elements too! Coins Flying enemies Doors Keys Boxes (...
started by Ogre Pixel Jan 17, 2018
5 replies
Felicidades! Me encantó el juego y el concepto.
started by Diegovz01 Mar 17, 2018
1 reply