New elements added (doors, keys, levers)

Hey! Jumper Jon has been updated with new elements!

Now you can add doors, keys, levers and spike enemies

So now all the elements you can add are:

j - Jon (main character)
n - Jane (lovely Jane)
# - Tile
x - Spike
< - Enemy (walking left)
> - Enemy (walking right)
{ - Spike enemy (walking right)
} - Spike enemy (walking right)
k - Key
d - Door (to open w/key)
i - Lever
l - Door (to open w/lever)

*Those elements are on the Android version of the game too

Hope you like them and test them!

Remember to create levels and share them by copying the text area content and pasting on, this gives an url you can share with the level you created =)

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