Jumper Jon look changed!

Hey! Here it is a new devlog entry for Jumper Jon! This time is about a change we made on the overall look of the game:

We changed color palette and tileset for ground

As it is played on hell (remember Jon is a devil) we started working with a red color on the background and a black color for the tiles from the ground:

After that we worked on a better tileset for the ground, something which could make the game feel players are on a cave (at hell):

Giving this cool result:

After that we found the red color was so strong and could harm players, so we started working on a set of different color palettes and ran a poll on all our social media to find which color palette was the favorite among the people:

Winner on the poll was the A option:

So with a winner we started working on applying the change and the result is this new update on the overall look for Jumper Jon =)



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Feb 15, 2018

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