Jumper Jon - platformer and level editor from hell is here!

Jumper Jon - Platformer and level editor from hell is here!

This is the first version of the Game / Editor, as you can see there is a super basic level editor which works with characters!

Reaching that was not easy, in order to let you copy/paste levels we had to create the level editor with HTML and send the data (level) to game player with JavaScript.

Why is it from hell!? Well that's because Jon is a devil who wants to rescue Jane (his girl) and escape from hell! But for that he will have to run across lots of levels, levels designed by lots of souls from the hell (yeah, that's why we made an editor =D).

Well, so this is a WIP, we are working on it, will add more elements and content in the future. Meanwhile take a look at this, create a level and share it on the comments =)


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Jan 15, 2018

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