Lonesome Village
Tech Demo Prototype v - May 7, 2020

Lonesome Village is a fantasy adventure about puzzle solving and social simulation.

Play as Wes, the Coyote, release kidnapped villagers and interact with them at the Village, discover the end of this demo.

  • Game Controls:
    [W][A][S][D] : Movement
    [space] : Action

This version is a Tech Demo

*EDIT: We will be running a Kickstarter campaign this year for Lonesome Village, join here to get notified when we launch it :D

Soon on Kickstarter!

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Ogre Pixel

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorOgre Pixel
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsExploration, social-simulation, Top-Down


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It looks awesome, will certainly be getting it once it's out :)

bro, me encanto, sigo jugandolo pero no pude seguir sin decirte que el paneo de la fuente esta al reves

sabes, puedes hacer una cuenta en gamesjolt tambien, ya sabes, para distribuir más tu juego, además, podrías hacer un descuento a los beta testers. hay mis sugerencias

Hey! Es buena idea, de hecho vamos a comenzar a distribuir un demo privado diferente a este demo técnico, podría funcionar :D

Gracias @matil248

Hey! remember to register here to get notified when the KS goes live!


That helps us a lot! :)

There's a small glitch in the house, if you pull out the smaller items (The Axe, Bag, etc.) and dont move them before pulling out the next, they'll start sliding around the floor

Ahh yeah, it is intended (for now!) will fix it soon :)

I wish i could support the game but paypal is being mean



Nice music, cute art, and I was excited about the idea, but as soon as I got the magnifying glass I was unable to interact with anything in the environment anymore - pressing the action button only brought up the magnifying glass or put it away, and that's it - I couldn't get much farther after that.

Hi! Thanks for the comments :) Yeah, the interaction with the magic glass has a bug. Demo is still playable but you have to keep closing the magic glass view to interact with all the stuff around


Love the art, theme, and tone. I also appreciate your decision to be about exploration and no combat, which makes it more enjoyable to just walk around and interact with everything. Can't wait to see more.

I think I ran into a bug in where I was able to get the upside-down-door to flip, but couldn't get into it. Also, I think the right-side-up door is supposed to appear locked at some point, but never did.

Hi! Thanks for your comments! We are glad you like it :). About the bug yeah it is true, we are working on it :D

I loved the art style, keep it going!

One small piece of feedback I can provide is: try making the camera follow the player a bit faster.

Hi! Thanks for the comments Rob, we are glad you like it, about the camera, yeah, a little bit faster could work :)

New version 0.0.5 now ready! New light effects and new activites! :)

New Lonesome Village poster in High Res now available to download :D

New version 0.0.3 now ready! :D Intro added to demo

Played this again and the improvements are really impressive!!! It feels much more fun to play & the style changes really add to the ambience.  I also enjoy the santa hat :D


Hey! We are glad you liked it! Thanks! :D

The game is cute, I really like the looks. 

Here's what I thought:

- Movement should be faster. Really, it's annoyingly slow.

- Pig's "speech" with the puzzle solution should stay on screen a bit more time the first time we get him.

- When passing through the side doors, the ears can be seen coming out of it and over the wall. 

- When passing through the door down, in the next scene the fox is too far up, it should be closer to appear coming out of the door.

- The puzzles are good for a start!

Really like it, looking forward to see it becoming a full game! Congratulations!

Hey! Thanks for the comments, we are glad you liked it.

All your comments are true: about movement, the ears and other masking issues and the dialogue.

Working on it, thanks!

- On a PC, when using a keyboard, it's super counter-intuitive that one needs to double-press space for an action to be taken.

- The canon in adventure games dictates that all combination locks must have protection against brute-forcing. I.e., no solution should be accepted until the clue is seen.

Hey! that's true and that's a problem we have on the second puzzle. Thanks!

this is cool but I wish there was more instruction & that it was playable in browser instead of having to go fullscreen to view without scrolling


Thanks! ok, will check settings, give me a moment