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Lonesome Village Kickstarter Demo v0.4.3 - November 4th, 2020

Lonesome Village is a fantasy adventure about puzzle solving and social simulation.

Play as Wes, the Coyote, release kidnapped villagers and interact with them at the Village, discover the end of this demo.

  • Game Controls:
    [W][A][S][D] : Movement
    [space] : Action
    [mouse click]: Select

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Ogre Pixel

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorOgre Pixel
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsExploration, social-simulation, Top-Down, Top Down Adventure


LV_V.0.4.3_Win64.zip 94 MB
LV_V.0.4.3_MacOS.zip 93 MB


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I tried the demo briefly and the action buttons on objects and items that I was trying to interact with was kind of finicky.

Thanks for your comments, we will check it! :)

Hi everyone! Hope you like Lonesome Village! This comment is a reminder that our Kickstarter campaign is almost finished (3 days left)!

If you haven't checked the campain please considering checking it:


I was so excited to try this game, but I had a bit of trouble with:

- Talking to the owl, I clicked the !bubble but there was no action

- Saving the game... how/where do I save the game? I got to the cat level and I had to exit the game and my progress was erased. 

Thanks for your comments, we are improving the interactions. Save happens automatically :)

Struggled to close the app at the end and instructions weren't clear about how to open chests and the eyeglasses thing... also how does the lift work?

Other than that, loved the puzzles and am excited for the full game :)


Thanks for your comments! Yeah UI is not well designed now, we are working on improving it :)

Is it a bug or sth else?When I entered this scene,the fox run to this spot itself while I didn't touch anyting,and it got stuck.I tried to use WASD but still can't move.

Hey! yeah, it is a bug, we are working on it  :)

Please - Why no cursor key controls? My kids find WASD so difficult to control :-/

Ahh sorry for that, will consider it in the future :)

Why no website edit for text or colors ?

S to easy to not do it

Sorry, didn't understand :O

Increíble el juego y el proyecto que están sacando, dos de mis sagas favoritas de videojuegos son AC y TLOZ , me encanta la idea en general y me ha gustado el demo. Igual que los comentarios anteriores encontré un par de errores. 

  • En el puzzle de las luciérnagas después de completarlo y confirmar que si saltaba al abismo me regresaría al otro lado el juego no me dejo hacer ninguna acción con la barra espaciadora hasta que paso cierto tiempo de estar spameando la tecla y los clicks.
  • En la ciudad la fogata de la carpa (tienda de astronomía?) cuando uno entra desde el lado derecho esta parpadea y se apaga. 
  • El búho no me pudo hablar aunque me indicaba un signo de exclamación como el resto de los villagers con los que pude interactuar.

Me encantaron los sprites de los personajes, el arte de fondo y la musica y varios de los puzzles eran buenos así de pequeños para el inicio de la aventura. 

Solo como comentario, no supe como cerrar el juego y tuve que finalizarlo desde el task manager.

Saludos y mucho éxito. Wckd.

Gracias por probar Lonesome Village y por tus comentarios!

Compartiré los bugs internamente en el equipo :)


(1 edit)

What button is supposed to back out of menus like your backpack, chests, etc? Every time I've managed to get into one, I can't get out. Escape just opens the pause menu, and no other button (space, left or right click, etc.) will close it. I managed to get out once somehow but it gave me a prompt like I was supposed to confirm whether or not I wanted to put my berries in the chest, and clicking either the checkmark or X did nothing. So far the demo seems very buggy (which is understandable), but it means I'm not able to really get a feel for much.

EDIT: After managing to somehow get out, my game froze. It's happened twice now, forcing me to restart the game. Both times within less than 2 minutes of starting. Interacting with anything at all causes my character to either just get stuck standing in place, or causes me to become stuck in a menu I can't get out of.

Hey! They can be closed by clicking outside the popup or by pressing space bar, however there could be bugs.

Thanks for the feedback, will check it and will find a better way to close those popups :)

Saw the trailer on Itch Io Twitter, my friend ClaudiaTheDev also retweeted the game, and I saw it on Itch Io, so I decided to try the game myself. It was pretty fun. The puzzle are interesting and fun to solve, the characters looks cute, and you can live in a cozy relaxing village. Good game.

Suitable for mid end pc, some low end pc won't be able to play this game properly.

There's also two bug that I find. First is a bug that causes you to be unable to use action at all after using action on some things, can be fixed by opening inventory. Second is a bug that occurs when you enter the third floor and beyond of the tower, the bug causes something to pushes our character into the up and right direction, can be fixed by entering other room.

Thanks for trying Lonesome Village and thanks for your comments! We will check the bugs :)

Super cute ! Reminds me of animal crossing :)

Thanks! We are glad you like it :)