Working on Lenina, main character

Hey! This is a new devlog post for Darkish Tale project.

This time, as every time I start a new project, I started working on main character pixel art, so this is Lenina sketch:

At first I took as reference a pixel art from girl from a game we made back in a game jam but tried with different colors:

As you can see I added big eyelashes to her, however, as this game is intended to be inspired by Castlevania series and a dark theme I feel adding no eyes to characters will give a better dark vibe to game, so I removed them.

Here I want to mention that next work on Lenina sprites was live streamed yesterday on Twitch! This was my very first pixel art stream. I liked it and will continue streaming more often, you can follow us here:

After that I decided to play a little bit with her armor colors, so tried some kind of red and I liked it too.

Then I started working on her basic walking animation cycles: side, up, down. As I'm pretending to work on the pixel art for this game I am working with 2 frame animations (like Warcher Defenders) - Why? well it's because I'm not very good with animations =( however I believe that making this game with a consistent style It will look really great!

This is final result:

What do you think? Do you like it? Dislike it? please feel free to comment below =)

With this I finish the gamedev advance for this devlog post. As said before, I'm side working on this right now, however I will keep posting here all the updates! =D



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Great pixelart Steve! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the project, looks awesome.

Hey! Thank you I'm glad you liked it =D